Terrorist mine explosion in Syria.

Earlier in the day, Aleppo came under attack from mortar shelling by terrorists, killing at least two and injuring seven more civilians in the area.

At least one child died on Sunday in the Syrian city of Aleppo as a result of a mine explosion planted by terrorists in the Sukkari neighbourhood, two more were wounded, Syria state TV reported on Sunday, citing a source in the police. The wounded children have been hospitalised at the university hospital in the city, where they were provided with medical treatment.

The day before a similar attack took place in another district of Aleppo, claiming the lives of two children and injuring five more.

Additionally, 11 civilians were earlier killed, with some more were injured as a result of mortar shelling on Nile Street and the al-Khalidiya district in Aleppo by terrorists.

The militants, who have taken positions in the western outskirts of the city, regularly attack Aleppo’s residential areas with homemade rockets and mortars. There are also reports of a sniper working in the area of the al-Zahra quarter, who aims at both military personnel and civilians.

There is also a danger of mine explosions, as terrorists, leaving settlements before being forced out by the Syrian army, laid down explosive devices, often in residential buildings.


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