Imams promoting extremism in British madrasas, report claims

Hardline teachings taught in at least 48 Islamic schools in Britain 

Imams training in 48 British madrasas are promoting extreme ideas breeding intolerance and misogyny, according to a secret UK government report.

Among them is Darul Uloom, an organisation with a madrasas across the UK including London, Manchester and Glasgow.

The government document reportedly says that Quranic verses are interpreted in a hardline, literal interpretation by foreign-born imams who moved to the UK from other countries especially from the Indian subcontinent.

Schools regulator Ofsted has previously criticised four Darul Uloom madrassas for teaching its pupils that music and dancing were acts inspired by the devil, while boys were taught stereotypical views about women.

“British-trained imams are not any better than the ones trained in the Indian subcontinent because both are taught the same Dars-E-Nizami syllabus. The Darul Ulooms have a problem with extremism,” anti-extremist expert Haras Rafiq told the Daily Mail.

It adds that the Darul Uloom High School in Birmingham as an example of an “extremist madrasa”.

Darul Uloom’s High School head teacher in Birminghan David Bone responded to criticism of the school.

“If you examine our latest Ofsted report, you will find that the school is rated as good in every area. In the past leaflets (on music) were found in the mosque that had been left by an outsider and these were removed and destroyed, as we would any such literature”, he said.

“That Ofsted report has been superseded by more recent inspections which highlight the progress the school has made,” said a spokesperson for the school.

“Inspectors said that teachers ensure pupils understand the importance of freedom of speech and individual liberty.”


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