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Extremist Mullah: Women ‘on Top’ Make Men Turn Gay

Sharia Sex: Men Must Remain in Control

Another fanatic has surfaced to the public scene, spewing his absurd nonsensical claims while presenting them to vulnerable Muslims as solid truths. His name is Imran Ibn Mansur, infamously known as ‘Dawah Man’.

A professional troll, extremist evangelist and self-styled proselytiser, Dawah Man spends his time roaming the streets of London to argue with strangers. Outcast by the Muslim community, he turned to YouTube to spread his repulsive beliefs. This time, it’s about sexual positions.

Satan ‘Interferes’ in Your Intimacy

In one of his more perverted rants, Dawah Man claims that a woman pleasuring her husband while being ‘on top’ will eventually lead to him turning gay. He continues to provide sexual advice as though he is the ‘Hugh Hefner of Islam’.

Imam Tawhidi took to Twitter to shed light on this lunacy, sarcastically referring to Dawah Man as the “Einstein of Islamic Extremists” and an “Intellectual Titan”.

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